SOUND:CAMP Collective Winter Retreat 2020

What an amazing experience! The retreat was such a blast, just have a lot:

I have to admit, I organized and helped organize many events, but this event had some extreme unforeseen challenges. 3 Days before this event California announced a shelter-in-place order due to Covid 19. All Bay Area events were cancelled. The result was about ~8 cancellations by participants and my partner teacher to drop out as well - he was feeling under the weather and we would not take the risk with a new worldwide pandemic.

I had no backup plan, but lucky I had Nitai Shalom - a 3rd partner who had to step up to a full on facilitator and made an amazing job. So proud of our achievement and the result was a memorable weekend with amazing company.

I'm so happy we were able to overcome all obstacles, with such joy.

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