SOUND:CAMP Collective - Fall 2020 Acustic Gathering

Had an amazing time hosting the SOUND:CAMP Collective Fall 2020 Acustic Gathering in our backyard. We had 7 live performers and a full 2 hours jam with all of our friends playing timeless gems.

I was able to capture 5:30 hours of music out of ~9 hours music event (Epic!).

Here it is:

From Facebook:

Dear East Bay community, we would love to open our hearts and gates and invite you to our backyard for an art and music gathering. A moment before Winter is fully here, come share music with us in our backyard 🌻 Location and pointers are on the comments.

We will play:

  • 🎸 Live acoustic performances by our friends (If you want to play please contact Elad Gariany)
  • ⚡️ Community Music Jam

More? Our friend Brie will showcase some of her recent photography work (Breeze Photography & Media).

What to bring: Drinks, Food for the grill and a music instrument 🐰🥕 This is a pet and family friendly backyard, PLEASE park outside of the alley. The gates will be open, so just walk in. This is a donation event, pay as you like, all donations goes to the artists 👨‍🎤🚀