Project: Vrtigo a Samsung NEXT Incubation Company

Vrtigo was an incubation company in Samsung NEXT, the Samsung Research America division of startup innovation. Together with Ben Peirce and Erik Iverson, I lead frontend engineering of Vrtigo. We build one of the first VR analytics product on the market, while VR (or XR) was still at it's very infant stage.

To say VR analytics is basically saying we were Measuring User Engagement in VR.

Audience Focus on The Economist’s RecoVR Mosul 360 video.

Audience Focus on The Economist’s RecoVR Mosul 360 video.

We started with 360 video, Mixed Reality apps and other XR application.


I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done at Vrtigo over the last two years, including analyzing 360 degree video viewing patterns, comparing 360 video formats, and inventing new metrics for measuring user engagement. We’re excited to continue this work as part of Samsung going forward.

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